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Sidney Homer

Ballata popolare
Sacred songs
Musica sacra
per popolarità
17 Songs2 Songs, Op.23 (2 canzoni, Op.23)3 Scotch Poems, Op.33 (3 Scotch Poesie, Op.33)4 Songs, Op.17 (4 canzoni, Op.17)6 Songs from 'Underwoods', Op.15 (6 Songs from 'Underwood', Op.15)6 Songs of the Old South, Op.27 (6 canzoni del Vecchio Sud, Op.27)8 Poems by Tennyson, Op.6Bandanna Ballads, Op.22 (Bandana Ballads, Op.22)Dearest, Op.24 (Carissima, Op.24)Homeland, Op.35Sheep and Lambs, Op.31Sing to Me, Sing, Op.28 (Cantare per me, Sing, Op.28)Song of the Shirt, Op.25There's Heaven Above, Op.21 No.2Three Songs, Op.18