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10 Arias, B-Bc 1517910 Popular Marches for Piano106 Motets, D-Dl Mus.1-D-611 Fugues, D-Dl Mus.2354-U-1113 Pieces for Organ, D-KA Mus.Ms. 1017/112 Arias by Old Italian Masters12 Arias et de cantates italiennes, F-Pn RES VMD MS-2412 Cantatas for Voice and Continuo, I-Bc V.4112 Cantatas, A-Wn Mus.Hs.1756712 Cantatas, D-Dl Mus.1-I-712 Duettini12 Noëls populaires basques12 Pièces célèbres (12 celebri brani)12 Voluntaries for the Organ (12 Volontari per Organo)13 Arias, D-Dl Mus.1-F-21,113 Cantatas, I-MOe Mus. F.1385132 Dances, D-LEb Go. S.69814 Cantatas, D-DS Duets, I-Vnm It.IV.95214 Kompositionen zu Schillers Ode an die Freude14 Roelli-Lieder für die Jugend15 Cantatas, I-Nc Cantate 1915 Sonatas150 der schönsten Kinderlieder (150 delle canzoni più belle dei bambini)16 Canons, ULB Mus.Ms.1455 (16 Canoni, ULB Mus.Ms.1455)16 Dance Tunes with Instructions (16 Tunes Danza con le istruzioni)164 Motets, D-Dl Mus.1-D-8168 Sacred Songs, I-Vc Torr.Ms.B.3117 Cantatas, D-Bsa SA 140917 Pieces for Harpsichord17 Songs, D-Dl Mus.1-F-21,318 Deutsche Gedichte18 Duets, D-Dl Mus.2110-L-118 Sacred Songs, I-Vc Torr.Ms.C.592 Composiciones para instrumento de teclado2 Sub tuum praesidium, D-Dl: Mus.2820-E-32 Trio Sonatas, S-Uu 11:12 Violin Sonatas, Schrank II/34/220 Cantatas, A-Wn EM.17820 Cantatas, F-Pn RES VMF MS-4120 Pièces modernes pour orgue20 Recorder Sonatas, US-Dp RM.788.1191 S69820 Songs for 3 and 4 parts (20 canzoni per 3 e 4 parti)204 Favourite Country Dances22 Instrumental Pieces, Schrank II/31/422 Pieces for Harp22 Pieces, GB-Mp MS. 130Hd4v.31324 Arias and Cantatas, I-Vc Torr.Ms.B.2124 Concertos for Recorder, Strings and Continuo (24 Concerti per Flauto, Archi e Basso Continuo)24 Country Dances for the Year 1766 (24 Danze Country per l'anno 1766)24 Country Dances for the Year 1770 (24 Danze Country per l'anno 1770)24 Country Dances for the Year 1771 (24 Danze Country per l'anno 1771)24 Country Dances for the Year 1774 (24 Danze Country per l'anno 1774)24 Country Dances for the Year 1791 (24 Danze Country per l'anno 1791)24 Country Dances for the Year 1803 (24 Danze Country per l'anno 1803)24 Country Dances for the Year 1808 (24 Danze Country per l'anno 1808)24 Danzones yucatecos para piano (24 Yucatecos danzón pianoforte)24 Favorite Country Dances, Hornpipes and Reels (24 Favorite Country Dances, Hornpipes e Reels)24 Instrumental Pieces, Schrank II/30/224 Italian Songs and Arias of the 17th and 18th Centuries24 Minuets in 3 Parts, as Performed at the Borough Assembly (24 Minuetti in 3 parti, come eseguita presso l'Assemblea Borough)25 Cantatas, A-Wn SA.67.A.2527 Arias, D-B 3013629 Instrumental Pieces, Schrank II/29/33 Elegies for Queen Mary (3 Elegie per Queen Mary)3 Gesänge für den Hexameter3 Menuets, S-Uu Leufsta Rokokolieder300 Irish Airs arranged for the Piano Forte (300 Irish Airs disposti per il Piano Forte)31 Instrumental Pieces, Schrank II/29/232 Cantatas, US-NHub Osborn Music MS.2233 Dances (33 Danze)34 Canzonette o Romanzi34 Gesänge für Maurer34 Instrumental Pieces, Schrank II/29/434 Instrumental Pieces, Schrank II/30/134 Motets, B-Br kbr 154122134 Motetten, D-B Am.B 32635 Instrumental Pieces, Schrank II/29/136 Lieder beym Clavier zu singen38 Keyboard Pieces, D-B Ms. Lynar B 34 Canons, ULB Mus.Ms.1525 (4 Canonici, ULB Mus.Ms.1525)4 Cantates profanes4 Improvisations (4 Improvvisazioni)4 Madrigals of Mantuan Composers4 Motetten der Bachschule4 Noëls français4 Pieces for Keyboard, D-B Ms. Lynar B 44 Responsoria4 String Trios d'Airs connus dialogués et variés, Op.2 (4 String Trios Tunes noto dialogato e vario, Op.2)40 Capriccios and 2 Fugues for Violin, A-Wn Mus.Hs.2192342 Movements from Ouverture-Suites, Schrank II/31/344 Kinderlieder (Canzoni per 44 bambini)45 Capriccios, D-Bsa SA 404045 Keyboard Pieces, D-B Am.B 34046 Cantatas, D-B 301885 Motets on Texts by Virgil (5 Mottetti su testi di Virgilio)5 Violin Sonatas, Schrank II/23/3950 Modern English Songs (50 canzoni moderne inglesi)56 Sonatas for Instrument and Continuo6 Cantatas, I-MOe Mus.F.13626 Cello Sonatas6 Chansons modernes, LDE 10826 Concertos for a Small Flute, Strings and Continuo6 Deutsche Gedichte6 Divertimentos6 Flute Sonatas6 Harpsichord Concertos and 4 Organ Fugues (6 Clavicembalo Concerti e 4 Fughe Organo)6 Harpsichord Sonatas, 'Oeuvres melées', Part 46 Harpsichord Sonatas, 'Oeuvres melées', Part 66 Madrigals (6 Madrigali)6 Piano Waltzes6 Pieces for Keyboard, D-B Ms. Lynar B 76 Salve Regina6 Sinfonie a 8 stromenti (6 Sinfonie un 8 stromenti)6 Symphonies (6 Sinfonie)6 Symphonies in 4 Parts (6 Sinfonie in 4 parti)6 Symphonies 'La Melodia Germanica', Op.11 (6 Sinfonie "La Melodia Germanica ', Op.11)6 Symphonies, Op.1 (6 Sinfonie, Op.1)6 Symphonies, Op.10 (6 Sinfonie, Op.10)6 Symphonies, Op.8 (6 Sinfonie, Op.8)6 Trio Sonatas6 Violin Concertos, Witvogel No.3560 Instrumental Pieces, Schrank II/30/57 Cantatas, I-MOe Mus.F.13617 Chansons populaires, LDE 10817 Requiems in Memory of Samuel Webbe7 Secular Cantatas, A-Wn Mus.Hs.1757774 Lute Pieces, US-Ws V.b.28077 Keyboard Pieces, D-B 301968 Airs italiens et 4 Pièces pour clavier8 Arias et cantates italiennes8 Italian Madrigals (8 Madrigali italiani)8 Lieder and Choral Motets (8 Lieder e corali Mottetti)8 Neue Märsche für Trommel und Pfeife, Heft 289 Capriccios and 4 Fugues for Violin, D-B 211349 Instrumental Pieces9 Madrigals (9 Madrigali)9 Overtures91 Pieces, GB-Mp MS. 130Hd4v.314


A Book of Chime Pieces for OrganA Book of Piano DuetsA Choice Collection of Ayres (Una collezione Scelta di Ayres)A Collection of 30 Standard Psalm Tunes (Una collezione di 30 Salmo Tunes standard)A Collection of Duets for French Horns (Una collezione di Duets for French Horns)A Collection of Harpsichord Lessons (Una collezione di Clavicembalo Lessons)A Collection of Hymns (Una raccolta di inni)A Collection of Lessons and Aires for the Harpsicord or Spinnett (Una raccolta di lezioni e Aires per il clavicembalo o Spinnett)A Collection of Original Scotch Tunes (Una collezione di originali Scotch Tunes)A Collection of Psalm Tunes sung in Newbury Church (Una collezione di Salmo Tunes cantato in Newbury Chiesa)A Collection of Sacred Musick for the West Church (Una collezione di Sacra Musick per la Chiesa occidentale)A Collection of the Most Favorite Comic Songs (Una collezione di canzoni comiche più amati)A Collection of the Vocal Music in Shakespear's Plays (Una collezione di Musica Vocale in drammi di Shakespear)A Collection of Vocal Music, in Parts, for Equal Voices (Una collezione di musica vocale, nelle parti, per Equal Voices)A Companion to the Reticule (A Companion to il reticolo)A Companion to the Wesleyan Hymn-Book (A Companion alla Wesleyan Inno-Book)A Curious Collection of Scots TunesA Cycle of National SongsA March Album for the Organ (Un album marzo per l'organo)A mulher homemA New and Complete Preceptor for the German Flute (Un Precettore nuovo e completo per la Flute tedesco)A New and Complete Preceptor for the Violin (Un Precettore nuovo e completo per la Violino)A New and Complete Tutor for the Violoncello (Un Tutor New e completo per la Violoncello)A Pocket Book for the English Guitar (Un libro tascabile per la chitarra inglese)A Pocket Companion for Gentlemen and Ladies (Un compagno tascabile per i signori e le signore)A Relique of the Princess Charlotte Augusta (Una reliquia della Principessa Charlotte Augusta)A Select Collection of Airs, Jigs, Marches and Reels (Un Select Collection di arie, Jigs, Marche e Reels)A Selection of Popular National Airs (Una selezione di nazionali Airs popolari)A Selection of Sacred Harmony (Una selezione di Harmony Sacra)A Set of Chants (Un insieme di canti)Adèle Habeneck's Autograph AlbumAirs d’Opéra du 18e siècleAirs d’Opéras-ComiquesAlbum de danses 1913Album de pianistes PolonaisAlbum deutscher TondichterAlbum of Ballet Themes for the Junior String OrchestraAlbum of Bass Songs (Album di Bass Songs)Album of Classical Themes for the Junior String OrchestraAlbum of Concerto Themes for the Junior String Orchestra (Album Concerto di temi per il String Orchestra Junior)Album of Opera Themes for the Junior String Orchestra (Album di Opera temi per l'String Orchestra Junior)Album of Overture Themes for the Junior String Orchestra (Album di Overture temi per il String Orchestra Junior)Album Of Songs By Composers Of The Neo-French SchoolAlbum of Symphony Themes for the Junior String Orchestra (Album di Symphony temi per l'String Orchestra Junior)Album of Ten Pieces for the Pianoforte by American Composers (Album di dieci pezzi per il Pianoforte da American Composers)Album pitoresco-musicalAlbum pour le piano 1852Alessandro nell'IndieAlexander's New Scrap Book (Di Alessandro New Scrap libro)Alleluia. A HymnalAmagama Okuhlabelela: Zulu HymnalAmalie von Braunschweig-Lüneburg Manuscript, A-Wn Mus Hs 19455American Psalmody (Canto dei Salmi americano)American Sunday-School Psalmody (Americano Domenica-Scuola Canto dei Salmi)Amsterdamsche PegasusAncient Harmony Revived (Antica Armonia Revived)Anderson's Budget of Slow Airs (Bilancio di Anderson di arie lente)Anderson's Budget of Strathspeys, Reels and Country Dances (Di Anderson bilancio di Strathspeys, bobine e Country Dances)Andreas-Bach-Buch, D-LEm Becker III.8.4Angel Child (Angelo bambino)Ann Winnington's Music Manuscript Book (Ann Winnington Musica Manuscript Book)Anthem TreasuresAnthology of American Song (Anthology of American song)Antologia pastoraleAntologia pianisticaAnything is Nice if it Comes from DixielandApollo, oder Museum für Gitarre (Apollo, o un museo per Chitarra)Apollo's Cabinet, or the Muse's Delight (Apollo di Gabinetto, o Delight del MUSE)Aria di cameraArias and Cantatas, P-Ln C.I.C.14/2ArsaceArtaserseArtists' Repertoire for Violin and Piano (Repertorio degli artisti per violino e pianoforte)Aus Notenbüchern des 18. JahrhundertsAuswahl maurerischer Gesänge (Selezione dei Cantici massonici)


Bailey's Ukulele Method (Metodo Ukulele Bailey)Balletti moderni facili per sonar sopra il LiutoBalls' Musical Cabinet (Balls 'Musical Cabinet)Balthasar Münters Geistlicher Lieder (Balthasar Münter canzoni ecclesiastico)Baltische GesängeBand of Hope Melodies (Band of Speranza Melodies)Barcelona MassBaritone Songs (Canzoni baritono)Barney GoogleBasevi CodexBass Songs (Basso Canzoni)Bauyn manuscriptBeckers Taschenbuch (Becker Paperback)Berühmte Ouverturen von Mozart, Beethoven, Weber, Mendelssohn, Bellini, Rossini (Overtures celebri di Mozart, Beethoven, Weber, Mendelssohn, Bellini, Rossini)Beytrag zur Aufnahme des GesangsBingley's Select Vocalist (Di Bingley Seleziona Vocalist)Bixby's Home Songs (Di Bixby casa Songs)Blake's Young Flutist's Magazine (Magazine di Young Flautista di Blake)Blue Album of 20 Pieces for the Organ (Blu album di 20 pezzi per Organo)Book of Psalms, hymns, spiritual songs with tunesBrainards' Instrumental Guitar Folio No.1Broderip and Wilkinson's Complete Treatise for the Violoncello (Broderip e Wilkinson del Trattato completo per la Violoncello)Brødrene Bast's Violin Tune Book (Di Brødrene Bast violino Tune libro)Brown Album of 20 Pieces for the Organ (Brown Album di 20 pezzi per Organo)Bunte Reihe for ViolaButton and Whitaker's Elegant New Dances for 1810 (Button ed elegante Nuove Danze di Whitaker per il 1810)Button and Whitaker's Selection of Dances, Reels and Waltzes (Button e selezione di Whitaker di Danze, bobine e Valzer)Buxheimer Orgelbuch


Caledonian Country Dances with a Thorough Bass (Caledonian Dances paese con un basso continuo)Calliope, or The Musical Miscellany (Calliope, o la miscellanea musicale)Camp Fire Song BookCân a MawlCanadian Church Psalmody (Canadian Chiesa Canto dei Salmi)Cancioneiro musical de ParisCancionero de El Escorial IV.a.24Cancionero de Juana I de Castilla (Canzone di Giovanna I di Castiglia)Cancionero de la Colombina (Colombina Songbook)Cancionero de MontecassinoCancionero de PalacioCancionero de SegoviaCancionero de UppsalaCaniadau y Cyssegr a'r TeuluCansons de la TerraCantate a Basso solo, I-Bc DD.51Cantate a voce sola con basso continuo, I-Bc DD.50Cantate e Canzonette, I-MOe Mus.F.1382Cantates et airs italiens de différents auteurs, F-Pn VM7-11Cantates italiennes de différents auteurs, Tome 1Canticum beatae Mariae virginisCantiques sacrés pour les principales solemnités des Chrétiens (Sacro per le solennità principali inni cristiani)Cantus, Songs and Fancies (Cantus, Canzoni e fantasie)Canzoniere di BelémCanzoniere di ElvasCaprices de Flute en forme d'étude, Op.2Carnets de Marguerite d’AutricheCasanatense ChansonnierCastle Perfect TrotCathedral Chants (Chants Cattedrale)Ceští klasikové předchůdci Smetanovi (Cesti klasikové předchůdci Smetanovi)Chamber AiresChansonnier Cordiforme (Songwriter Sweetheart)Chansonnier de Zeghere van Male (Chansonnier de Zeghere van Maschio)Chansonnier Nivelle de la Chaussée (Songwriter Nivelle de la Chaussée)Chansonnier, GB-Cmc MS 1760Chansonnier, I-MOe alfa.f.9.9Chansonnier, I-PEc MS 431Chansons du comté de NiceChapel Melodies (Cappella Melodies)Chitaristul Romăn (Chitaristul Román)Choirbook, B-MEa s.s.Choirbook, D-Ju MS 2Choirbook, D-Ju MS 20Choirbook, D-Ju MS 21Choirbook, D-Ju MS 22Choirbook, D-Ju MS 3Choirbook, D-Ju MS 30Choirbook, D-Ju MS 31Choirbook, D-Ju MS 32Choirbook, D-Ju MS 33Choirbook, D-Ju MS 34Choirbook, D-Ju MS 35Choirbook, D-Ju MS 36Choirbook, D-Ju MS 4Choirbook, D-Ju MS 5Choirbook, D-Ju MS 7Choirbook, D-Ju MS 8Choirbook, D-Ju MS 9Choirbook, GB-Lbl Royal 11 E. xi (Choirbook, GB-Lbl Reale 11 E. xi)Choirbook, GB-Lbl Royal 8 G. vii (Choirbook, GB-Lbl Reale 8 G. vii)Choix de musique (Scelta della musica)Choral-HarmonieChoral-Melodien zu dem Gesangbuche der Herzogthümer Bremen und Verden (Melodie corali per l'inno-libro dei ducati di Brema e Verden)Christmas MinstrelsyChristmas Music from France and Germany (Natale di musica da Francia e Germania)Christmas Songs (Canzoni di Natale)Christy's MinstrelsChurch Music to Accompany Watts's and New Select Hymns (Chiesa musica per accompagnare Watts e selezionare nuovi Hymns)Clarke, Woodall and Skelton's Manuscript Tunebook (Clarke, Woodall e di Skelton Manoscritto Tunebook)Classical Collection (Collezione Classica)Classical Vocal GemsClavecinistes espagnols et Portugais des XVIIe et XVIIIe sièclesClavecinistes italiens et allemands des XVIIe et XVIIIe sièclesClaverstycken af Scheibe, Roman och Agrell, S-L Kraus 425Coco (Noce di cocco)Codex calixtinusCodex de MadridCodex FaenzaCodice ChigiCodice di ChantillyCodice SquarcialupiColectânea de peças para tecla do século XVIII (Colectânea de Peças para tecla fanno Século XVIII)Cole's Copyright Album No.5Collection d’Ouvertures (Overtures Collection)Collection de waltzes marches ecossoises pour le flageolet ou violonCollection of 5 Folk SongsCollection of Minuets and Country DancesCollection of Voluntaries (Raccolta di Voluntaries)Complete Pack of New Cotillons (Complete Pack di New Cotillons)Composizioni di diversi autori per la N.D. Maria VenierContinental Harmony (Harmony Continental)Contralto Songs (Canzoni contralto)Contre-danses et Waltzes (Contro-danze e Valzer)Coombs's Divine Amusement (Amusement Divine di Coombs)Cor y PlantCounty Kerry MaryCrystal Gems for the Sabbath School (Gemme di cristallo per la Scuola Sabbath)Cztery pieśni treści narodowej


Dakota OdowanDaniel Davies' Manuscript Hymn Book (Daniel Davies 'Manoscritto Hymn Book)Danses nationales espagnolles (Espagnolles danze nazionali)Danses polonaisesDas goldene MarschbuchDas PianoforteDavid's Companion (Compagno di David)De 150 Psalmen, voor den Zang gevarieerdDe floridi virtuosi d'Italia, il primo libro de madrigali à cinque vociDe Zang-Godin aan 't YDen Svenska Psalmboken, S-Uu Leufsta Dilettant (Il dilettante)Der für die Sünde der Welt gemarterte und sterbende JesusDer Jüngling in der Fremde (Il giovane in un paese straniero)Der kleine Paganini (Il piccolo Paganini)Der kleine ViolinistDeseret Sunday School Songs (Canzoni Deseret Domenica Scuola)Deutsche Weisen (Modi tedeschi)Deutsches Lieder- und MelodienbuchDeutsches Liederlexicon (Liederlexicon tedesco)Dialoghi musicali de diversi eccellentissimi autoriDie Goldene GeigeDie Hussiten vor Naumburg (I Hussites prima di Naumburg)Die neue Harmonie (La nuova armonia)Die Oper von ihren ersten Anfängen bis zur Mitte des 18. JahrhundertsDie PhilharmoniaDie Sehnsucht (Il desiderio)Dijon Chansonnier (Dijon Songwriter)Divine Harmony, 2nd Collection (Armonia Divina, 2 ° Collection)Divine Recreations (Ricreazioni Divine)Dreamy Paradise (Paradise Dreamy)Duet AlbumDufay and his Contemporaries (Dufay ei suoi contemporanei)Düsseldorfer Lieder-Album (Düsseldorf canzoni album)


Early Keyboard Works (Opere tastiera Primi)Ecclesiæ HarmoniaEchos du Monde ReligieuxEco del VesuvioEdinburgh Repository of Music (Edimburgo Repository of Music)Eenige Beginselen voor het Clavier SpelEenige Psalmen in Tamulschen Digte overgesetEl recreo de la infanciaElectiones diversorum motetorum distincte quatuor vocibusElegant Extracts for the Flute or Violin (Estratti decorano il flauto o violino)Elements of Music and Spiritual SongsEliza Wesley's Musical Autograph AlbumElizabethan Virginal Composers (Elisabettiani Virginal Compositori)Emmanuel Organ BookEmpire Violin Collection of Hornpipes (Empire Violino Raccolta di Hornpipes)English Romantic Partsongs (Partsongs romantici inglesi)Eumene, 1771Eva Christina Becker Clavierbuch, D-LEb Go.S.648Evangelisches Gesangbuch (Luterana Hymnal)Every Night I Cry Myself to Sleep over You


Fables sur de petits airs et sur des vaudevilles choisis avec la basseFamous Maori SongsFantasie recercari contrapunti a 3 vociFavorite Songs and Hymns for School and Home (Canzoni preferite e inni per la scuola e la casa)Filippo, re di Macedonia, RV 715Finlandia IFinlandia IIFinlandia VFitzwilliam Virginal BookFleurs d'Espagne (Fiori in Spagna)Follow Me!Fonds Blancheton, Op.3Four Hand FavoritesFour Minute SingingFraktur Songbooks of Jordan, Ontario (Fraktur Libri di Jordan, Ontario)FrecklesFrottole, Libro 8Fughe di varj autori per organoFunny Sings for Ukulele (Divertente canta per Ukulele)


GebirgsklängeGeistliche Lieder auff gewöhnliche Preussische Kirchen-Melodeyen (Sacred Songs auff ordinario prussiano Chiesa Melodeyen)Geistliche Oden (Spiritual Oden)Geistliche Volkslieder aus alter und neuerer Zeit (Canti popolari spirituali dei tempi antichi e moderni)Geistliche Volkslieder mit ihren ursprünglichen Weisen (Canzoni popolari spirituali con i loro modi originali)Gems of Sacred Song (Gemme di Sacred canzone)Gems of Strauss (Gemme di Strauss)German Lieder from 15th Century (Lieder tedesco dal 15 ° secolo)Gesammelte Werke der Weltmusik, Vol.82 (Opere complete di world music, vol.82)Giunio BrutoGlogauer Liederbuch (Glogau Song Book)Gloria DeoGloucester Cathedral Chimes (Cattedrale di Gloucester Chimes)Golden Album of 20 Pieces for the Organ (Oro Album di 20 pezzi per Organo)Graded Pieces for Violin and Piano (Pezzi Graded per violino e pianoforte)Gray Album of 20 Pieces for the Organ (Grigio album di 20 pezzi per Organo)Grilanda musicaleGrotesken-Album


Halelwiah DrachefnHamilton's Select Psalmody (Di Hamilton Select Psalmody)Hamilton's Universal Tune-Book (Hamilton universale Tune-Book)Hannam's Irish Melodies (Melodie irlandesi di Hannam)Harding's All-Round Collection of Jigs, Reels and Country Dances (All-Round Collezione di Harding di Jigs, Reels e Country Dances)Harmonia CoelestisHarp Music Purchased from D. Parikian of London (Musica Arpa Acquistato da D. Parikian di Londra)Hawaiian Collection of Church Music (Raccolta hawaiana di Musica Sacra)Hebrew Hymnal for School and HomeHerrn Professor Gellerts Oden und Lieder (Odi e le canzoni del professor Gellert)Histoire de la MusiqueHortulus cytharaeHumorous Coster SongsHymn and Tune Book for use in Old School or Primitive Baptist ChurchesHymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church (Innario della Chiesa metodista episcopale)Hymnal of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (Innario della Chiesa Presbiteriana in Canada)Hymns and Tunes for Public and Private Worship (Inni e Tunes per il culto pubblico e privato)Hymns and Tunes in Welsh and EnglishHymns New and OldHymns of Praise and Prayer, with Tunes (Inni di lode e di preghiera, con Tunes)Hymns of Worship and Service (Inni di culto e di servizio)


I canti del risorgimento italianoI grandi classiciI Love My MotherlandIl primo libro delle Laudi spirituali a tre vociIl vinto trionfante del vincitore, RV Anh.58I'll Be a College Boy's DearI'm Nobody's Baby (Sono uno sconto del Nobody)In questa tomba oscuraI've Got My Mother's Husband and She's Got Mine


Jacobean Consort Music (Giacobino Consort Music)Jacobs’ Piano Folio of One-Steps, No.1James Barlow's Manuscript Tune Book (Di James Barlow Manoscritto Tune libro)Jenny Lind's Songs (Canzoni di Jenny Lind)Jewett's National Flute Teacher (Di Jewett Nazionale di Flauto Insegnante)Jewett's National Flutina and Accordion Teacher (Nazionale Flutina di Jewett e Accordion Teacher)Jewish HymnalJour de fête (Festa)Journal de clavecinJournal de musique tiré des meilleurs opéras français & allemandsJournal de Violon Dediée aux AmateursJournal pour les Amateurs de Quatuors (Journal for Amateurs Quartet)Jubel-Album für die Orgel (Giubileo Album per la Organ)Jubilaeum-AlbumJulhälsning i toner


Ka Lira HawaiiKageki-OkinawaKammersonatenKarnevalslieder der RenaissanceKauntze's Collection of Dances, Reels, Waltzes etc.Kingdom Songs (Unito Canzoni)Kirisuto-Kyō SambikaKleine und leichte Übungsstücke im KlavierspielenKöhler's Violin Repository of Dance Music (Di Köhler Violino Repository di Dance Music)Koloratur-Arien (Coloratura arie)


La canzone del 1898La clemenza d'AugustoLa MaddalenaLa Musique Classique et Moderne (Musica classica e moderna)La Napolitana (Il napoletano)La reine Carotte (Regina Carota)La villanella rapitaLa virtù trionfante dell'amore e dell'odio, ovvero il Tigrane, RV 740Laborde ChansonnierLaces and GracesLamentationes Hieremiæ prophetæL'année musicaleLas Huelgas CodexL'Atenaide, 1709L'Atenaide, 1714Latin Sequences, Tropes, Cantiones, GB-Lbl AddMS.36881Laudate dominum!Laudi d'amoreLautenbuch viler newerleßner fleissiger, A-Wn MS106356-4°Lautenmusik aus der RenaissanceLautentabulaturbuch, A-Wn Mus.Hs.1078Lautentabulaturen, D-Mbs Hss, A-Wn Mus.Hs.18790Le concert des muses (Le muse concerti)Le delizie dell'opereLe musée des pianistes (I pianisti museo)Le petit chansonnier françoisLe Salon MusicalLe tre prime Lamentazioni come si cantano nella Cappella Sistina, A-Wn SA.67.F.22Le trésor des chapelles (Le cappelle tesoro)Leaves of Shamrock (Foglie di Shamrock)Leichter Unterricht in der Vokal Musik (Lezioni di leggere in musica vocale)L'enfant du chemin de ferLes clavecinistes françaisLes organistes contemporains (Organisti contemporanei)Les plus belles chansons du pays de FranceLes plus belles danses du mondeLes poètes et leurs musiciensLes primitifs françaisLes psaumes en vers mesurés (I salmi in versi misurati)Les pseaumes de David à quatre parties (I salmi di David in quattro parti)Les vendredis (Venerdì)Leucoleon's PericallisLeuven ChansonnierLiber musicus, duarum vocum cantionesLiber organi (Liber organizzazioni)Liber selectarum cantionum quas vulgo mutetas appellant (Liber selectarum cantionum Quas vulgo mutetas ricorrente)Libro corale di EtonLibro corale LambethLibro primo de la CroceLiebe macht kurzen Process (L'amore rende processo breve)Lieder-Album moderner Meister (Canzoni album maestri moderni)Liederbuch des deutschen VolkesLira KamaliiLirische Gedichte von ScholzLiturgie orientale, Chants de l’unitéLivre de chansons pour danser et pour boire (Libro di canzoni da ballare e bere)Livre d'orgue de Limoges (Organo Prenota Limoges)Llibre Vermell de MontserratLlyfr Canu CynnulleidfaolLlyfr Gweddi CerddorolLlyfr Hymnau a Thônau y Methodistiaid CalfinaiidLord Danby's Lute Book, US-R Ms.Vault M.2./D.172Lüneburger OrgeltabulaturLyra AngelicaLyra DavidicaLyric Fancies


MacLeod's Collection of Airs, Marches, Waltzes & Rondos (Collezione di MacLeod di Airs, Marche, Valzer)Madame Rochette's Tune Book for Pardessus de Viole (Della signora Rochette Tune libro per Viola Soprabito)Madrigaux et chansons de la RenaissanceMagnus Liber OrganiMalayalam Christian Tune-BookMalayalam Hymns for ChildrenManchester Gamba Book (Manchester Gamba libro)Manuscript Virginal Book, F-Pn Rés 1186Manuscript Volumes from J.B. Millet & Co.Manuscript, D-B Am.B 600Manuscript, D-Mbs, D-Mbs, D-Mbs, D-Mbs, F-Pn Rés. Vm7 676Manuscript, GB-Lbl Add. MS 29987 (Manoscritto, GB-Lbl Aggiungi. MS 29987)Manuscript, GB-Lbl Add. MS 31390Manuscript, GB-Lbl Add. MS 31922Manuscript, GB-Lbl Add. MS 32377Manuscript, I-Bc MS Q.17Manuscript, I-Bc MS Q.21Manuscript, I-Bc Q.16Manuscript, I-Bc Q.18Manuscript, I-Fn MS Magl.XIX.176Manuscript, I-PEc MS 3065Manuscript, I-PEc MS 431Manuscript, PL-LZu Sp. Hs. 1082/ H 3780Manuscript, S-Uu Ihre 284Manuscript, S-Uu Ihre 285Manuscript, S-Uu Ihre 286Manuscript, V-CVbav MS S. Pietro B.80Marches françaisesMarches, D-DS Rottenau Tablature Book, D-B 40615Mattias Ternstedt's Tablature Book, S-Uu Instr. mus. i hs. 410Medea riconosciutaMedici ChansonnierMeister für die Jugend (Campione per la gioventù)Mellange de chansonsMellon ChansonnierMelodeyen GesangbuchMelodien zu den Gesängen des Schleswig-Holsteinschen Gesangbuchs (Melodie delle canzoni di hymnbook di Schleswig-Holstein)Melodien-AlbumMélodies célèbresMélodies modernes (Melodie moderne)Memories Of PolandMenuett-AlbumMéthode de flûte du ConservatoireMiscellaneous 17th-century Italian Arias (Varie 17 ° secolo italiano Arias)MladaModena CodexModern BalladsModern Lyrics (Testo della canzone moderna)Modern Musicians (Musicisti moderni)Moderne CellomeisterModernes Vortragsalbum ausgewählter neuzeitlicher TonstückeMöller Manuscript (Möller Manoscritto)Mon ami PolissardMonats-Früchte für Clavier und GesangMontpellier CodexMoore's Irish Melodies (Melodie irlandesi di Moore)Morceaux célèbres (Pezzi Famosi)Morceaux ChoisisMorceaux choisis pour pianoMotets du XVIe siècle pour le temps de NoëlMotets et Chansons des XVe et XVIe siècles, OL-LD 91Motets for the Year (Mottetti per l'Anno)Motetti a 1-3 voci, I-Bc V.165Mozart-AlbumMuseum für Orgel-Spieler (Museo di organo-player)Music of Christ Church & St. Stephen's, Philadephia (Music of Christ Church)Music of the Church (La musica della Chiesa)Music used at the Foundling Hospital Chapel (Musica utilizzata nella Cappella dell'Ospedale degli Innocenti)Music used at the Lock Hospital Chapel (Musica utilizzata nella Cappella dell'Ospedale di blocco)Music used at the Magdalen Chapel (Musica utilizzata nella Cappella Maddalena)Musica Antiquata (Musica antiquata)Música manuscrita, E-Mn M/2250Musica SacraMusica Sacra: Sammlung kirchlicher MusikMusical Monitor, or New-York Collection of Church Musick (Monitor Musical, o New-York, Collezione di Chiesa Musick)Musicalischer Zeit-Vertreib (Musicalischer tempo di vendita)Musikalisches AllerleyMusikalisches Künstler-Album (Musical album artista)Musikalisches Pfennig- und Heller-MagazinMusikalisches UniversumMusikalisches WochenblattMusikaliskt TidsfördrifMusique de la révolution françaiseMusique italienne, Arias & CantatesMuzio Scevola


National Anthems (Inni Nazionali)National Anthems of the Allies (Inni nazionali degli Alleati)Nederlandsch VolksliederenboekNeue klassische AlbumblätterNew and Complete Instructions for the Violoncello (Nuovo e completo Istruzioni per l'Violoncello)New Brunswick Church Harmony (Chiesa Nuova Brunswick Harmony)Niederländische und Deutsche Motetten des 17. JahrhundertsNoëls d'égliseNordens Apollo, 1 AargangNorges MelodierNotenbuch zu den akademischen LiederbucheNothin' ButNouveau recueil de chansons choisies (Nuova collezione di brani scelti)Novae Cantiones SacraeNovello's Glee-Hive (Di Novello Glee-Hive)Novello's Part-Song Book (Di Novello Part-Song Book)Novelties for the Organ (Novità per l'Organo)Nye og gamle Viser af og for Danske Folk


Ocean Melodies, and Seamen's Companion (Companion Ocean Melodie e Seamen per)Oden mit MelodienOden Sammlung 1753 (Oden Collection 1753)O'Farrell's Pocket Companion for the Irish or Union Pipes (Pocket Companion di O'Farrell per i tubi irlandesi o dell'Unione)Oh, What a Girl!Okodakiciye-wakan OdowanOld Irish Croonauns and Other Tunes (Vecchi irlandesi Croonauns e altri brani)On Her Doorstep Last NightOn les entend partoutOpern-Arien (Arie d'Opera)Opern-Perlen (Opera perla)Oratorio Songs From the Standard Oratorios, New and OldOrchestermusik des XVII. Jahrhunderts (Musica orchestrale del XVII. Secolo)Orchesterstudien für alle Instrumente (Orchestral Studies per tutti gli strumenti)Ordine della Santa CroceOrfeoOrgan Themes (Temi Organo)Original Shaker MusicOur Familiar Songs (I nostri familiari Canzoni)Ouvertures choisies (Aperture selezionati)Ouverture-Suite (Apertura Suite)Over the River


Paling's AnnualParadisisches Wunder-Spiel (Paradisisches Wonder Gioco)Paraphrases (Parafrasi)Parnasse des Organistes du XXme Siècle (Parnassus di organisti del XX secolo)PartheniaPayne’s Album für Musik (Di Payne Album für Musik)Per la ricuperata salute di OfeliaPermissible IMSLP Licenses (Licenze IMSLP ammissibili)Pfennig-Magazin für PianofortespielerPhiladelphia Musical Journal and Review (Philadelphia Musical Journal e Review)Pianoforte-AlbumPièces choisies faciles pour le PianofortePièces choisies pour le clavecinPiedigrotta 1897Piedigrotta 1898Piedigrotta 1900Piedigrotta 1901Piedigrotta 1902Piedigrotta 1903Piedigrotta 1904Piedigrotta 1905Piedigrotta 1906Piedigrotta 1907Piedigrotta 1908Piedigrotta 1909Piedigrotta 1910Piedigrotta Gambardella e Di CapuaPiissimae ac sacratissimae lamentationes Ieremiae ProphetaePolnische Lieder (Canzoni polacchi)Polyhymnia (Polimnia)Popular Christmas Carols (Popolari Christmas Carols)Popular French Piano Music (Popolare francese Piano Music)Popular Songs and BalladsPortland Sacred Music Society's Collection of Church Music (Collezione di Portland Musica Sacra Society of Church Music)Portugaliæ MusicaPrincipes élémentaires de musiqueProthimia SuavissimaPsalmer og JulesangePsalter, Hymns, and Spiritual SongsPsaumes et Cantiques à l'usage des Eglises nationales de Vaud, Neuchâtel et GenèvePsaumes et cantiques à l'usage des églises réforméesPublishers' Catalogues


Raccolta d'arie italiane scelte nelle composizioni degli autori più celebriRaccolta delle più celebri sinfonieRagtime Cowboy JoeRecital Pieces for Organ (Pezzi Recital per Organo)Recueil d'airs sérieux et à boire (Relazioni di aria seria e bevande)Recueil de Cantates italiennesRecueil de Motets anciens et modernesRecueil de pièces pour orgue et clavierRecueil de Psaumes et Cantiques adopté par le Consistoire de NîmesRecueil de tous les livres d'airs donnez en l'année 1696 (Raccolta di tutti i brani dare libri per l'anno 1696)Recueil DeslauriersRed Album of 20 Pieces for the Organ (Red Album di 20 pezzi per Organo)Regensburger Liederkranz (Regensburg Liederkranz)Reliquary of English Song (Reliquiario della canzone inglese)Repertoire for Violin og PianoforteRhein-Sagen und LiederRippon's Selection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes (Selezione di Rippon del Salmo e Hymn Tunes)Rondes et Chansonnettes EnfantinesRosarium Litaniarium Beatae V. Mariae (Rosarium Litaniarium Beatae Mariae V.)Rosina Elisabeth von Münch Clavierbuch, D-B Collection of Hawaiian SongsRufus Rastus


SabrinaSacra CoronaSacred Harmony (Harmony Sacred)Sacred Harmony for the Use of St. George's Church Edinburgh (Armonia Sacra per l'uso di Chiesa di St. George Edimburgo)Sacred Heart HymnsSacred Melodies for Social Worship (Melodie sacre per il Culto sociale)Sacred MelodySacred Musick for the First ChurchSacred Psalmody, for the church in Federal Street (Salmo responsoriale Sacro, per la chiesa in Federal Street)Sacred Songs for Family and Social Worship (Sacred Songs In famiglia e adorazione sociale)Sacred Tunes and Hymns (Sacri Tunes e Inni)Salon-AlbumSaltério BrasileiroSam Fox Library Orchestra FolioSamling af Sange, Folkeviser og StevSammling af 60 yndede MelodierSammlung Dahlhoff, D-B 40182Sammlung klassischer Stücke aus Werken berühmter Meister (Raccolta di pezzi classici da opere di famosi maestri)Sammlung verschiedener LiederSammlung von drei- und vierstimmigen Volksgesängen für Knaben, Mädchen und FrauenSammlung von Gesängen und Chören für MännerstimmenSammlung von Präludien, Fugen, ausgeführten ChorälenSang und Klang für's Kinderherz (Il canto e la musica per il cuore dei bambini)Sang und Klang im 19. und 20. JahrhundertSange for Smagen og HiertetSange ved KlaveretSassolese, o siano Sonate à Violino SoloSchirmer's Soprano and Tenor Duet Collection (Soprano e Tenore Duet Collezione di Schirmer)Schott's Salon Album (Schott Salon Album)Schützen-Quadrille (Proteggere Quadrille)Secular Songs (Canzoni secolari)See-SawSeladons Weltliche LiederSelect Harmony (Selezionare Harmony)Serenate Boeme, partite e notturniService of the Greek ChurchShaker HymnalShaker Music. Inspirational Songs and MelodiesShaker Music. Original Inspirational Hymns and SongsShukujitsu TaisaijitsuSifaceSilver Album of 20 Pieces for the Organ (Argento album di 20 pezzi per Organo)Sinfonie e suonateSionaSix Chansons Galantes du répertoire de Maggie Teyte (Six Songs directory Galantes Maggie Teyte)Social Harmony (Armonia Sociale)Social Hymn and Tune Book (Inno sociale e Tune libro)Solfèges d'Italie (Notazione Italia)Solfeggien-AlbumSolo-Buch for TrumpetSome Little BirdSometime (Una volta)Sonata F.A.E.Sonatas anónimas de la Catedral de MéxicoSonate à Violino Solo con il BassoSonaten und Fugen fürs Clavier (Sonate e fughe per pianoforte)Song Classics (Canzone Classics)Songs and Madrigals of the Fifteenth Century (Canzoni e Madrigali del XV secolo)Songs for the Sabbath School and Vestry (Canzoni per la Scuola Sabbath e Sagrestia)Songs from the New Universal Magazine (Songs from the New universale Magazine)Songs in Sol-Fa (Canzoni in Sol-Fa)Songs of Childhood (Canzoni di Infanzia)Songs of Our Youth (Canzoni della nostra gioventù)Songs of the Nightingale Serenaders (Canzoni degli Serenaders Nightingale)Songs of Zion (Canti di Sion)SouterliedekensSouvenirs de la Belle EpoqueSpanish Hymnarium (Spagnolo Hymnarium)Standard Concert Etudes (Etudes Concerto standard)Stoughton Collection of Church Music (Stoughton Raccolta di Musica Sacra)Straßburger Sängerhaus (Strasburgo casa singer)String Quartet on the Theme 'B-la-F' (Quartetto d'archi sul tema 'B-la-F')Superb Songs (Canzoni Superb)Symphoniae iucundae arque adeo breves quatuor vocum


Tablature Book, D-Mbs 1581Tablature Book, PL-Wn Mus.2084Tablature Book, S-Uu Vok. mus. i hs. 88Ten Popular Pieces (Dieci Popolare Pezzi)Tenor Songs (Canzoni Tenore)Terpsichore, Dances for PianoTestudo Gallo-GermanicaThe American and European Harmony (L'armonia americano ed europeo)The American Church Harp (L'American Church Harp)The American Hymn and Tune Book (L'Inno e American Tune libro)The American Musical MiscellanyThe American Patriotic Song-Book (L'American Patriotic Song-libro)The Anacreontic Magazine (Il Anacreontic Magazine)The Anthem Book of the United Free Church of Scotland (Il Libro Inno del Regno Libera Chiesa di Scozia)The Arkansas Traveler's Songster (Songster The Arkansas Traveler)The Balcarres Lute Book (Il Balcarres Lute libro)The Ball-Room Music-BookThe Baltimore Collection of Sacred Musick (La Collezione di Baltimora della Sacra Musick)The BellsThe Boston Collection of Instrumental Music (La collezione Boston di Musica Strumentale)The Brethren HymnalThe Brethren's Tune and Hymn Book (La Fratelli Tune e Hymn Book)The British Musical MiscellanyThe Canadian Anthem Book (Il canadese Anthem libro)The Canadian Church Harmonist (Il canadese Chiesa Harmonist)The Catholic Harp (L'Arpa cattolica)The Catholic Male ChorusThe Cavendish Music Books (Le Cavendish Music Books)The Celebrated Circus Tunes Perform'd at Edinburgh (Il celebre Circo Tunes Perform'd a Edimburgo)The Celtic MelodiesThe Centenary Singer (Il cantante Centenario)The Children Sing (I bambini cantano)The Choir (Il Coro)The Chorale Book for England (Il Libro Corale per l'Inghilterra)The Chorister's Companion (Il compagno del Chorister)The Christian Harp (Il cristiano Harp)The Christian Harp and Sabbath School Songster (L'Arpa cristiana e Scuola del Sabato Songster)The Christian Sunday School Hymnal (Il cristiano Domenica Scuola Hymnal)The Church Praise Book (La Chiesa Praise libro)The Cocquiel Manuscript, B-Br Ms II 3326 MusThe Comic SongsterThe Compleat Tutor for Harpsichord or SpinnetThe Congregational Psalmist (La Congregazione Salmista)The Copenhagen Chansonnier (Il Copenhagen Chansonnier)The Cornetist's FolioThe Coronation Organ Album (L'organo Album Coronation)The CrescendoThe Easy Instructor (L'istruttore facile)The English HymnalThe Family Choir (La famiglia Coro)The Fayrfax ManuscriptThe Feast of ApolloThe Federal Harmony (L'Harmony federale)The First Church Collection of Sacred Musick (La prima chiesa collezione di Sacra Musick)The Flute Player's Pocket Companion (Il suonatore di flauto Pocket Companion)The Flutist's Monthly Bijou (Il flautista Monthly Bijou)The Free Church Hymn Book with TunesThe Free Church Psalmody (Libera Chiesa Canto dei Salmi)The Gairdyn Manuscript (Il Gairdyn Manoscritto)The Gentleman's Musical Companion (Musical Companion del Gentleman)The Hallowell Collection of Sacred Music (La Collezione Hallowell di Musica Sacra)The Harmonia Unio (Il Harmonia Unio)The Harmonicon (Il Harmonicon)The Harmonicon (Il Harmonicon)The Harp of the West (L'Arpa del West)The Harpsichord Master (Il Clavicembalo Maestro)The Hartford Collection of Sacred Harmony (La Collezione Hartford dell'Armonia Sacra)The Hibernian Muse (L'Hibernian Muse)The Hindustani Choral BookThe Invincible Folio of Instrumental Music for GuitarThe Jubilee Harp (Il Giubileo Harp)The Jullien Collection of Flute and Violin Music (La Collezione Jullien di Flauto e Violino Musica)The Kamiki Ukulele Method (Il Kamiki metodo Ukulele)The Latter-day Saints Psalmody (Il Santi degli Ultimi Giorni Psalmody)The Lyric Gems of Scotland (La lirica Gemme della Scozia)The Man of Feeling, or the Gentleman's Musical Repository (L'uomo di sentimento, o Repository musicale del signore)The Mark Stern Ragtime Folio No.1The Marsh Lute Book (The Marsh Lute libro)The Massachusetts CompilerThe Massachusetts Harmony (L'Harmony Massachusetts)The Messenger of Song (Il Messaggero di Canto)The Methodist Harmonist (Il metodista Harmonist)The Middlesex Collection of Church Music (La Collezione Middlesex di Musica Sacra)The Modern Collection of Sacred Music (La Collezione Moderna di Musica Sacra)The Most Popular Children's Piano DuetsThe Most Popular HymnsThe Most Popular Mother Goose SongsThe Most Popular Songs of PatriotismThe Most Popular Violin PiecesThe Most Popular Vocal Duets (Il più popolare Vocal Duets)The Mozart Collection of Sacred Music (La collezione Mozart di Musica Sacra)The Mulliner BookThe Musical Casket (Lo Scrigno Musicale)The Musical Miscellany (La Miscellanea Musicale)The Musical Repository (Il repository Musical)The National Melodist (Il Melodista Nazionale)The New Haven Collection of Sacred Music (La collezione New Haven di Musica Sacra)The New Jubilee Harp (Il nuovo Giubileo Harp)The New Musical and Vocal Cabinet (Il New Musical e Vocal Cabinet)The New York Collection of Sacred Harmony (La collezione New York di Harmony Sacra)The Norristown Musical Teacher (Il Norristown Musical Maestro)The Organist (L'organista)The Organist's Compendium (Compendio del Organist)The Organist's Quarterly Journal (Il Organist Quarterly Journal)The Orpheus: New SeriesThe Parish Choir or Church Music Book (Il Coro parrocchiale o Chiesa Music Book)The Parochial Psalmist (La Parrocchiale Salmista)The People's Music Book (Popolare Music Book)The Pleasant Musical Companion (Il compagno Musical Pleasant)The Popular Piano Collection (The Piano Popular Collection)The Primitive Baptist HymnalThe Professional Collection of GleesThe Psalmes of David in Prose and Meeter (La Psalmes di David in prosa e Meeter)The Psalmist, or Chorister's Companion (Companion Il Salmista, o di Chorister)The Psalter and Canticles, with Appropriate ChantsThe Puritan Hymn and Tune Book (The Puritan Hymn e Tune libro)The Repository of Scots & Irish AirsThe Sacred HarpThe Salem Collection of Classical Sacred Musick (La Collezione di Salem Classica Sacra Musick)The Scottish Metrical Psalter (Lo Scottish metrico Salterio)The Scottish Students' Song BookThe Selden Carol Book (Il Selden Carol libro)The Shropshire Song Book (Il Shropshire Song Book)The Singing Master (Il Master di Canto)The Singing School Companion (Il compagno Singing Scuola)The Sky-Lark (Lo Sky-Lark)The Songster's Polite Tutor (Tutor Polite del Songster)The Southern Methodist Hymn and Tune Book (Il Southern Methodist Hymn e Tune libro)The Spiritual Harp (The Harp Spiritual)The Standard Tune Book (Il Tune Standard Book)The Sunday School Music Book (The Music Domenica School Book)The Tonic Sol-Fa Music Reader (Il Tonic Sol-Fa Musica Reader)The Union Temperance Song Book (L'Unione Temperance Song Book)The Union Tune Book (L'Unione Tune libro)The Village Harmony (L'Harmony Village)The Vocal Enchantress (Il Vocal Enchantress)The Vocal Pocket Companion (Il Vocal Pocket Companion)The Vocal Preceptor (Il Vocal Precettore)The Vocalist (Il Vocalist)The Welcome (Il Welcome)The Wesleyan Harmony (L'Harmony Wesleyan)The Wesleyan Sacred Harp (La Wesleyan Sacred Harp)The Western LyreThe Weston and Hussey Minstrels' Book of Songs (Libro I Weston e Hussey Minstrels 'dei Cantici)The Whole Booke of Psalmes (Tutta Booke di Psalmes)The Wide-Awake Vocalist, or Rail Splitters' Song Book (Splitters Il Wide-Awake Vocalist, o ferroviario Song Book)The Wolfenbüttel Chansonnier, D-W Codex Guelf. 287 Extrav.The World's Best Composers (I migliori compositori del mondo)The World's Best Music (Miglior Musica del Mondo)The Yattendon Hymnal (Il Yattendon Hymnal)The Young Chorister (Il giovane Chorister)The Young Man's Instructive CompanionTheaterrevuenTheatrum musicum (Theatrum Musicum)Themi per piano forteThompson's Collection of Quick Marches with Basses (Collezione Thompson Marche veloce con Bassi)Thuringian Motets of the First Half of the 18th Century (Mottetti Turingia della prima metà del 18 ° secolo)Tito Manlio, RV 778Toulouse MassTraditional Italian SongsTrent CodicesTrio-Albums (Trio-Album)Trios for Three Flutes (Trii per tre flauti)Tripla ConcordiaTrium vocum cantiones, Tomus ITuba Passages


Udvalgte danske Viser fra MiddelalderenUitnemend KabinetUkrainisches Volkslied und Dschumka (Canzone popolare ucraina e Dschumka)Une mariée au blocUnion Harp and History of Songs (Unione Arpa e Storia dei Cantici)University of Munich MSS 328-331 partbooks (Università di Monaco MSS 328-331 partbooks)Unsere Lieblinge (Il nostro preferito)


Vade Mecum (Vademecum)Vari pezzi di musica per arpaVariarum linguarum tricinia, Liber 2Variations on a Russian Theme (Variazioni su un tema russo)Variations on a Russian Theme in A major (Variazioni su un tema russo in A major)Varie Sonate e Concerti per Organo, US-Lou Sacra 137Venetian Ballads (Ballads veneziani)Versameling van eenige boere danssenVersameling van eenige contra danssenVersameling van eenige serieuse danssenVielliebchen (Philopena)Vinculum SocietatisViolin Concerto in C major, Schrank II/33/34Violinist's TreasuryViolon d'OrVioloncel-AlbumVirginia ReelsVocal Music, or the Songster's Companion (Musica Vocale, o compagno della Songster)


When It's Apple Blossom Time in NormandyWhere Do We Go from HereWiener Tanzmusik in der zweiten Hälfte des siebzehnten JahrhundertsWiener Walzer-Album (Valzer Viennese Album)William Calvert's Manuscript Tune Book (Di William Calvert Manoscritto Tune libro)Works of Jommelli, C.P.E. Bach, Cocchi and Majo (Opere di Jommelli, C.P.E. )Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music, Part I (Repository di Wyeth di Musica Sacra, parte I)


Yellow Album of 20 Pieces for the Organ (Giallo album di 20 pezzi per Organo)Young's Vocal and Instrumental Miscellany (Vocale e strumentale Miscellanea di Young)Your Country Needs You NowYour Lips Are No Man's Land But MineYou're in Style When You're Wearing a Smile (Sei in stile Quando si indossa un sorriso)You've Got to See Mamma Ev'ry NightYr Anthemau a'r Tonau Buddugol yn Eisteddfod Bethesda


Zinck's Klaviersammlung (Klaviersammlung di Zinck)Zion Hymn and Tune Book (Zion Hymn e Tune libro)Zion's Harp (Arpa di Sion)Z'miroth ut'filoth Yisroel: A Synagogue Hymnal


Échos d'Allemagne (Echi di Germania)Échos de FranceÉcole de la mesureÉnekes Könyv


České SonatinyČeské vánoční pastorelyČeští Klasikové (Cesti Klasikové)